SMS Banking

Upon subscribing to the SMS Banking service, you'll automatically start receiving alerts from the bank as and when any transaction takes place on your registered account(s). Messages sent to you through the PUSH service are informatory in nature and are generally sent to you whenever there is a Deposit/Withdrawal made in the account.


We have 2 types of Services PUSH and PULL


Pre-defined alerts received on your mobile regarding your transactions

Cash Withdrawal

POS Purchase

DEBIT or Credit on your Account

Salary Transfer

Account Opening


This is a self-service function that enables you (the account holder) to request information about your account using specific codes. Once you send the message in the required format to 7700, you will receive an SMS response providing you with the response to your query. Just follow 3 easy steps:

Key relevant SMS command into your mobile e.g. BAL   (The 12 digit account number)

Send to 7700

View your information on the screen

It is free of offer charge as an introductory. Customers will be notified in advance when any charges do apply.

Below are the services which you can access through PULL service,

i.e GSM

GSM is the payment type

Consumer No is the consumer number of the service provider (061234567)

Debit Account is the account number from which you want to debit (011123456718)

Amount is the amount you want to pay for that service (100)

Account Summary AD

Account Balance BAL

Last 5 Transactions LTX

Exchange Rates EX

Fund Transfer

Fund Transfer to Own Account FTO

Fund Transfer to other Ajman Bank Account FTT

Etisalat Payment

Etisalat GSM Payment :  GSM

Etisalat Wasel Recharge : RECH 

Etisalat Wasel Renewal : RENEW

Etisalat Dialup Payment :  DIALUP

Etisalat Telephone Landline Payment : LAN

Etisalat BroadBand Payment :  BROAD

Etisalat E-Vision Payment : EVSN

SEWA Payments

Sharjah Electricity & Water (SEWA) Payment : SEWA

Donations : Donate



Getting Started

For all financial transaction customer needs to enter MPIN to complete his transaction. A confirmation key will be sent to customer which he need to reply to complete his transaction.

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