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At Ajman Bank (referred hereafter as “the Bank” or “We”), We value our Customers (referred hereafter as “the Customer” or ‘You’) and focus on keeping the Customer safe using our banking system. Every Customer of a Financial Institution has the following legally recognized consumer rights as per Consumer Protection Regulations and Standards (CPR) issued by the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE).

  1. Right to be Treated Fairly: You are entitled to be treated fairly and equally with courtesy. The Bank does not discriminate the Customer on the basis of gender, age, religion, caste, and physical ability when offering and delivering financial products and all Customers are treated on the Principles of Equality.
  2. Right to Know: You have the right to know the correct information about the products and services that you are seeking. The Bank has made every effort to ensure that the Customer understands our Products and Services. We are providing the key information related to our products in the Key Facts Statement which you have the right to read and review in order to make an informed decision. Moreover, our employees would be happy to assist you further for any enquiries that you might have.
  3. Right to Choose: You have the right to choose the products and services that suit your needs the most from the multiple options available on the market. We offer multiple alternatives of products and services of quality and at competitive prices based on assessment of the Customer’s financial circumstances and understanding.
  4. Right to Privacy: The Bank collects, holds, discloses and/or otherwise processes several types of personal data of the Customer with regards to your request for availing Bank’ products and/or services. The Bank has robust internal systems and controls in order to ensure Confidentiality of Customer information and We use the Personal Information in accordance with CPR. The Bank will always request your expressed consent for the purpose of processing your Personal Data. That consent may be withdrawn by you at any time by providing notice to the Bank. The Bank will not be able to provide the Financial Products and/or services to you without your expressed consent or in view of your withdrawn consent.
  1. Right to be Heard: The customer has a right to hold the Bank accountable for errors, lapses in conduct, as well as non-performance or delays in performance of the product and/or services. If you have a complaint, first ensure that it is reasonable; If you believe that it is you can use the following channels to raise an official complaint, and the Bank is therefore obliged to act upon it –
  2. Visit your nearest Branch
  3. Contact our 24x7 Call Centre on 800 22
  4. Use our Feedback Forms available on our website
  5. Email us at



We always aim to respond to your complaint or query as quickly as possible.

If the matter has been dealt with by us, but remains unresolved, a complaint may be registered with the Consumer Protection Department at CBUAE through its website


  • You must provide accurate and correct personal and financial information to us. Failure to provide complete and accurate details may result in the request for financial services being refused
  • You should read and understand all Terms and Conditions and ensure that you ask any questions that you might have prior to accepting them
  • You should verify all the details and gain sufficient information and choose the Product and/or Service that best suits your needs and financial capacity
  • If there is a problem with the Product and/or service, You should visit or contact the Bank to raise an enquiry or complaint in order to solve the problem before filing a formal complaint with the Consumer Protection Department at CBUAE
  • You should not share your payment cards or personal and financial information like account numbers, PINs, user IDs and passwords with anyone
  • You should review your account statements regularly and immediately notify the bank in case of any unauthorized transaction and/or stolen cards

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