Financial and Administrative Affairs Department

The Financial and Administrative Affairs Department was founded in accordance with Ameri Decree number (4) during the year 2010. This Department is in charge of all administrative, financial, administrative, human resources and IT issues in Ajman Emirate. All administrative and organizational decisions issued by the office dominate other decisions/ directives issued by other offices of Ajman Government

  • Prepares drafts of laws/ Decrees, financial, Administrative, civil systems and IT issues to be implemented by other government offices. In addition to supervising the enforcement of these systems as well as maintaining periodical reviews of all legislations and other Administrative and financial affairs practiced in the Emirate. The department also submits recommendations to update these legislations.
  • Prepares long-term and short-term strategic plans in the field of specialization of the department as well as supervising the enforcement of these plans.
  • Prepares accounts, data and all consolidated financial reports of Ajman Government. This is done on annual basis and according to specified schedule in the Emirate.
  • Organizes government financial statements/bases, issues directives to ease their application and monitors implementation.
  • Prepares and reviews feasibility studies of all government projects and makes researches /surveys within the field of specialization of the department.
  • Supervises government's investments and studies any new investments as well as submitting necessary recommendations.
  • Supervising all bank accounts of government offices.
  • Administering government's capital reserve/stock
  • Supervising the general government funds/finances and pursuing collection.
  • Studying drafts of government organizational structures and submits points of view before approving them by the Executive Council.
  • Supervising all the government's departments' plans and needs in relation to HR and other training programs to boost and develop the employees' skills as well implementing these plans.
  • Maintaining up- to -date technology in all government departments and using highly sophisticated IT systems to boost performance of all government departments.
  • Coordinating with other government departments to apply the Electronic Government system. 
  • Reviewing all governmental agreements to verify their terms and conditions as well as participating in all negotiations among all parts.
  • Providing technical support to all government departments in the financial, administrative, IT and HR domains.
  • Representing the Government of Ajman in all conferences and committees in relation to financial, HR and IT issues in the UAE or abroad.
  • Other responsibilities entrusted to our departments according to a Decree or law.
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