Partial Payment of Cheque

Dear valuable customer, 

As per the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) notices pertaining to “Partial payment of cheques”, we would like to update you on this service details provided by Ajman Bank.


When was this service mandated? 

The UAE Banks were mandated to facilitate this service effective 02ndJanuary 2022.


What do we mean by Partial Payment of Cheque?

Partial payment means payment of part of the value of the cheque, and accordingly the drawer, the endorsers, and the guarantees (if any) shall be partially cleared.


Who can avail this service? 

Any beneficiary of Ajman Bank’s cheque can visit any the below listed branches along with the required documents to avail this facility.


Requirements to avail this service:

  • It can be initiated only if a cheque was returned unpaid due to insufficient funds.
  • You are the beneficiary of the presented cheque.
  • The cheque must not be stale (more than 180 days from the cheque date).


Note: The minimum amount eligible for partial payment of a cheque is 5% of the cheque value. However, the remaining cheque amount not yet settled can be processed in case it will be settled once for all.


Required documents to be presented with you:

  • Insufficient and ‘cheque returned’ memo with reason of return as ‘insufficient fund.’
  • Identification documents: 

           For Individuals: Valid Emirates ID or Passport.

           For Companies: Valid Trade License or Power of Attorney (POA) along with valid Passport or Emirates ID of the Authorized signatory or POA as applicable.

  • Filled and signed request for Partial Payment of Cheque 


Fees and Charges:

  • If you are the beneficiary of the Cheque, you will not be charged any feesfor availing of Partial Payment of Cheque.
  • The payer (whose account is being debited), will be charged a fee of AED 5/ for each request of partial payment of cheque.


What transaction advice the beneficiary will receive? 

  • A partial payment certificate will be issued to the beneficiary/bearer availing the partial payment service.
  • The original cheque will be returned to the beneficiary/bearer after endorsing the partial payment details on the cheque.
  • The payer of the cheque will receive an SMS notification with details of the transaction in case he/she has registered for SMS services.


Note: The cheque status will every time show as “partially paid”, until it is finally settled, where it will show “completely settled”.


This facility is available in the below branches: 

  • Main branch - Ajman
  • Sheikh Zayed Road branch – Dubai 
  • Khalidiya branch – Abu Dhabi 
  • Al Ain branch – Al Ain 


For more details on the above service, please visit any of the above listed branches, call our contact center 80022 or email us

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