Rent A Car & Fleet Finance
Rent A Car & Fleet Finance

Fleet & Rent A Car Financing:

Financing for the acquisition of vehicle to be used by small & Medium Enterprises for logistical support purpose. Financing vehicles to be used by transport companies, construction companies, freight clearing and forwarding companies and freelance operators for the purpose of generating income from contracts or for projects under execution. Financing Vehicles  extend to legal business entities for their acquisition of primarily passenger vehicles for rental purpose. Including the passenger transport and bus rental


  1. Profit rate starts from 3.50% flat p.a.
  2. Maximum finance amount AED 1,500,000
  3. Maximum finance tenure 60 months
  4. Finance available for new and used cars
  5. Minimum Length of Business to be 4 years
  6. Minimum Authorized signatory age to be 25 years