Corporate Financing

Working Capital Finance

Ajman Bank offers financing solutions to help manage your cashflow effectively and fund business growth. Our products are designed to meet working capital requirements of your business by facilitating procurement of raw materials, parts, supplies, and other inventory assets. Additionally, we can also assist in freeing-up your liquidity through our receivable finance solution, as well as offering additional liquidity through our Murabaha products to help you overcome day-to-day cashflow timing mismatch between payments and collections.

Long Term Finance

Term financing solutions to facilitate capital expenditure, investments, and expansion requirements of your business. Our products based primarily on Ijara structure are designed to help you acquire property, plant, machinery, and other fixed assets in a cost effective manner

General Corporate purposes

Ajman Bank offers finance to support general business needs or growth objectives through our comprehensive selection of Corporate Finance products. Whether you want to re-capitalize, refinance, consolidate your debt or finance a new project or acquisition, we offer a range of products like DMCC Murabaha and Mudaraba to help your business.


Real Estate Finance

Ajman Bank provides financing to public corporations, private equity groups and individuals owning or acquiring commercial real estate assets of all types including hotel & lodging, labor camps, infrastructure, industrial, residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, we can finance the real estate projects at any stage of development.


Trade Finance

We offer a wide range of trade finance services, delivered by our experienced trade team, who will ensure that your business is handled professionally and in efficient manner. Payment can be effected at sight or deferred basis.

  • Import LC – Sight and Usance
  • Standby LC
  • Bills for Collection
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Open Account

Letter of Guarantee (LG)

We are able to issue all types of guarantees in full compliance with Shariah principles:

  • Tender Bond
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Retention Bond
  • Labour Guarantee
  • Financial and Payment Guarantee
  • Maintenance Guarantee
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