Islamic Investment Funds


Grow your wealth with our Shari’a-compliant (Wakala based) third party Islamic Funds and invest in a variety of asset classes. Choose from a wide range of investment solutions: from Sukuk funds which offer you a stable return, to equity funds which offer you capital growth over the long term.

  • Sukuk Funds: Sukuks are sharia compliant fixed income instruments issued by governments and corporates. It represents aggregate and undivided shares of ownership in a tangible asset with contractual promise to buy back the instrument at par value by the issuer. Sukuk funds invests in a portfolio of Sukuk instruments with an aim to achieve income and capital growth.


  • Equity Funds: An Equity fund is a scheme that invests predominantly in a range of shares/stocks of companies with the aim to generate returns in the form of capital gain and/or dividends. An investor receives the benefit of diversification at a lower cost rather than performing this operation manually.


  • Real Estate Funds: A real estate fund provides opportunity to investors to pool capital together to earn return in the form of capital gain and/or dividends without directly investing in real estate. An investor receives the benefit of diversification at a lower cost rather than performing this operation manually.


Features and Disclosures

  • Our offerings are fully Shari’a-compliant (Please see Fatwa disclosure below)
  • Flexible investment amounts starting from just AED 30,000
  • Accessible for a diverse range of investors: UAE Nationals, UAE Residents (expatriates), and corporates.
  • Local, Regional and International investments
  • Terms & Conditions apply. For more information, please see Key Facts Statement
  • For information on performance of the funds please see Latest NAVs & Facts Sheet.

To know more about the application process and documentation please call 800 22 or write to



Investment products are not bank deposits and are not guaranteed by the Bank. They are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Past performance does not guarantee future results.





FATWA disclosure:

All funds mentioned on this website have undergone an initial review by the Internal Sharia Supervision Committee and have been approved by them. Additionally, these funds will be subject to annual reviews by the same committee to ensure ongoing compliance with Islamic Shari’ah. For more information please write to:  


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