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Personal Finance


Enjoy the good life with Ajman Bank Personal Finance. With competitive profit rates and a range of most exciting benefits, you can now have it all! Be it a highly coveted product, a luxurious experience or a life changing event….the choice is exclusively yours!

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Ajman Bank Personal Finance allows you access to cash through Commodity Murabaha. This product is based on the Islamic financing structure of Murabaha, a commercial transaction which involves the buy
Wants to change the house furniture? Or Need to buy the latest electronics & gadgets? Wants to buy a Yacht for luxury outings? We will purchase the goods and sell them to you! Ajman Bank Personal
Wants to take family for a dream vacation? Or Wants to finance children education? Or suffering from an unexpected health condition? Or Needs advance rent? Or Want to finance your child's wedding?
Ajman Bank offers secured personal finance against End of Service Benefits (EOSB) and Fixed Deposits. This finance is offered through Commodity Murabaha under Islamic structure of