Funds Transfer
Funds Transfer



Remittance refers to the process of sending money from one bank account to another, can be used for both internal and external transfers typically across international borders. It enables individuals to send funds to their families, friends, or businesses within their own country or abroad.

Here´s how you can benefit from using remittance services:

  1. Convenience: Remittance provides a convenient way to send money to your family, friends, or businesses, regardless of their location.
  2. Speed: Transfers through remittance services are quick, allowing your recipients to access funds promptly.
  3. Security: Reputable remittance providers prioritize the security of your financial information and transactions.


  1. Flexibility: Remittance services accommodate various transaction sizes, offering flexibility for your transfer needs.


Safety Guidelines for Secure Money Transfers

  1. Always use licenses payment service providers and avoid using unauthorized persons or entities (e.g. Hawala companies) for transferring funds.
  2. Understand the fees and exchange rates to minimize costs. The forex spread of currency buy and sell is available in Ajman Bank branches, Mobile App and website.
  3. For international transfers, correspondent banking charges may apply, therefore in TT application always specify if the charges will be borne by applicant or beneficiary
  4. Verify recipient details to avoid mistakes, delays or fraudulent payments.
  5. To avoid delay in payment processing, always provide full name of the beneficiary and purpose of the transfer in the TT application.
  6. The actual time to process the payment may differ from estimates due to increased scrutiny of transactions by the correspondent or the beneficiary bank.
  7. Be aware of transfer limits and regulations in different countries.
  8. When submitting TT requests through online banking or mobile app, never share your password/OTP with anyone.
  9. Prioritize security by selecting providers with strong encryption and authentication.
  10. If you suspect any unauthorized activity in your account, immediately call 800-22 or visit our nearest branch.

Remember, while remittance services offer a diverse range of benefits, it´s essential to exercise caution to ensure the safety and security of your money. If you have specific questions or concerns, please call us on 800-22.



Report suspicious Fraud immediately

If you believe you may have disclosed your account details to a suspicious party or you are suspected unauthorized activity on your account, contact us immediately by calling our call center on 80022 or email to