Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit
Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit

See how fast your profits take offwith Ajman Bank’s Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit

With Ajman Bank’s Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit, you’ll see your profits take off immediately. Because now, you no longer have to wait for your investments to mature – you can get your profits upfront and enjoy returns right away.

Features & Benefits
  • Receive upfront profit on deposit placement and enjoy returns right away
  • Withdraw the upfront profit funds as per convenience
  • Choose from flexible tenure options of 6 months, 1, 2 and 3 years
  • Minimum deposit amount of AED 100,000
  • Additional current account with no minimum balance requirement and FREE debit card
  • Deposits are  acceptable only in UAE dirhams
  • Profit rate calculation based on expected profit rate
  • Product is structured under Sharia concept of “Wakala”
Documents Required
  • Duly filled and signed Account Opening Form and Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit Agreement
  • Original and Copy of Emirates ID for UAE Nationals and Expatriates
  • Original and Copy of Passport for both UAE Nationals and Expatriates (VISA page is required for Expatriates)

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